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Fazertone was founded in 2020 by Victor Lewis. Merging a fascination with vintage equipment and a love for state of the art DSP algorithms, the first step was tackling analog emulation from a new direction: using machine learning to directly replicate the complex, warm sound of analog audio.

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Overdrive Essentials

The Overdrive Essentials plugin is a collection of popular analog distortion pedals, all modeled with our custom real-time neural networks. It's an easy to use interface where you can select between various classic fuzz, distortion, and overdrive, from legendary 70s models to modern boutique tones.

With nine different distortion pedals to choose from, Overdrive Essentials is there to find that perfect crunchy guitar tone, add character to synths, or just a subtle warmth to drums and vocal.
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Download a trial version of the Overdrive Essentials - no time limits, the only restrictions being the inability to save your settings and a crackling sound at random intervals. MacOS (2014 or later) Windows

Comp 76

This famous compressor is a permanent fixture in many pedalboards that can even out your tone with a bit more sustain, or give you that powerful popping sound when swept to the max.

Get its legendary sound that's stood the test of time, perfectly matched for any guitar or bass without the need for endless tweaking.
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Phaser 74

Using the same neural network tech as our other pedals, we've reproduced all the analog warmth of this famous phaser pedal so you can get it in plug-in format.

It's a gorgeous, shimmering sound that's been present on countless records, and we're releasing it for free!
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The Arbiter

One of the earliest fuzz pedals ever, it features a unique asymmetric distortion with a certain softness due to using germanium transistors. It can be a wild beast to tame, but used right, it is capable of adding incredibly rich harmonic tones to your guitar or other instruments.

In order to improve its ease of use, we made the volume knob control change the input gain instead of the output gain, expanding the range of distortion to allow anything from a slight fuzz to utter tonal destruction. If you want to stick to the original 1960s functionality, just have the volume knob at maximum and use the added output gain control instead.
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Download a trial version of the Arbiter - no time limits, the only restrictions being the inability to save your settings and a crackling sound at random intervals. MacOS (2014 or later) Windows

Audio Clips

Blues Guitar:
Intense Fuzz Guitar:
Synth with Sweeped Gain:

The Screamer

One of the most popular distortion pedals ever, no guitar pedal collection would be complete without this instantly recognisable green pedal. Originally deisgned in the 70s to reproduce the warm harmonic tones of an overdriven tube, we've turned it into a plug-in with our machine-learning powered simulation so that you can fit it as part of your in-the-box guitar stack, or to apply some analog magic to any instrument - tunable with extra pre/post/mix controls.
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Download a trial version of The Screamer - no time limits, the only restrictions being the inability to save your settings and a crackling sound at random intervals. MacOS (2014 or later) Windows

Audio Clips

Bass Synth:
Bass Guitar:

The Klone

This pedal is perhaps one of the most hyped ever - which is why it was the first in our list to turn into a plug-in using our neural network tech. Is it worth paying nearly $10k for an original pedal? The debates will rage on, but in the mean time, you can download the next best thing, for free to use in your DAW.

What we can say is that this pedal sounds absolutely amazing, with a "transparent" overdrive that starts off subtle and then turns into crunchy but crisp distortion when pushed to its limits, that manages to preserve the original characteristics of the sound thanks to a very clever circuit. It's right at home as part of any guitar tone stack, but also adds character to synths, drum machines, or even vocals.

Audio Clips

Bass Synth:


System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.14 or later, Native M1 or Intel from 2014 or later.
Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64-bit

Tested in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Reaper and Cakewalk. If you are using a different DAW, you can check compatibility by downloading the trial version first.

Why machine learning?

Recreating complex, non-linear analog distortion is considered the holy grail of digital modeling, and is certainly no easy feat. Using a combination of circuit analysis and machine learning, we can capture the unique tones and warmth that have evaded previous techniques, or required extremely data-hungry modeling.

The result is a plugin that works on a completely different level from others - instead of traditional DSP, it's directly powered by a custom neural network inference engine, optimised to work in real time without consuming excessive CPU power.
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